Rens Haans, Owner
As 3rd generation owner of HAANS Lifestyle. With pride he continues the company of his parents in his own way and with his own vision. A real family man and that is reflected in his way of working. With care and attention, open communication and honesty, he is managing HAANS Lifestyle

Saskia Lazeroms, Sales
Active in the field and our multi-talent. She is equally enthusiastic in every language. It is never a problem to express herself correctly and she always includes a joke in her conversations. A real go-getter and a familiar face among our customers.

Margriet Brekelmans, Sales
Has been working at HAANS Lifestyle the longest and is versatile. A real confidant within the team and this is also reflected in her work. Customers know her familiar voice and enthusiasm and in her hands the order system is completely under control.

Nynke van der Meijs, Sales
Our new colleague in the office. She reinforces the sales team to process all orders and to assist you as a customer. With her eagerness to learn, she is already completely at home at HAANS Lifestyle. Characterized by her smile and soft personality she is an asset to the office.

Jolien van den Meijdenberg, Marketing
During the creative work, she is completely at ease. She likes to tackle things, takes no chances and works everything out carefully. Her headstrong approach is therefore in perfect balance with her happy mood.

Sandy Haans, Marketing
Married to Rens and among other things busy with the marketing and communication of our own brand Initials. Within the team she is recognizable in her communication, always up to date and cheerful she works in variable hours.

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